Many pages have lost viewership after Facebook made changes to its page reach algorithm.

Not all posts appear in newsfeeds, even if they have been liked and followed.

Many posts by many pages thus go unnoticed. This is particularly the case with text only updates.

With countless pages posting content every minute, how can your page get noticed?

Find out here.

Post Planner

Post Planner To keep a page alive on Facebook, you need to update regularly.

Post Planner allows you to write and schedule posts in advance, allowing you to easily strategise your social media campaign.

There are a number of pricing plans to consider.

A $19/month subscription allows you to post to unlimited fan pages.

With a $79/month subscription you can customise a target audience, bulk post, utilise branded share bars and get team access.

Status idea generator comes with any paid version.

The free version allows added brand names and logos in every post.. Get it here or check a demo.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Facebook is cutting the reach of posts that explicitly ask for a like or share on a product if no money has been spent on their advertising Brands either have to include a smart call to action that doesn’t look like “like this, share this” or simply pay advertising costs.

 Posts Frequency and Timing

The most critical parameter for page reach is the frequency with which it is updated and its timing.

Traffic is different in different times of day as well as on different days of week.

Still at least 3 posts a day are necessary to keep a page alive.

Analyse page statistics to see peak traffic hours and then post more at those times.

Two Way Communication

Facebook reach Pages with more interaction have a higher reach on Facebook.

Instead of making it a book to be read by fans, make it an activity in which you post content for people to act upon and then answer their responses.

Promotion through Non-Promotional Posts

Facebook does not cut the reach of posts with videos and pictures posted for any purpose but promotion of a product.

Use these posts intelligently to build a larger audience for your posts and page in general.

When posts get popular, the rest of your promotional posts should start appearing in newsfeeds automatically.

Creating Share worthy Posts

Facebook reach Posts that get the most shares are those with an image that tells a story at first glance.

Facebook compresses images of lower quality so choose eye-catching high resolution images that grab attention and encourage sharing.

Facebook Events

Hold events that increase interaction with you and your fans as well as fans of other pages.

Let other pages co-host your events, this gives you access to their followers too.

Arrange interactive games, quizzes and person to person word/picture passing activities.

Boost event results and highlight the winners, it makes others think that they want to be in the spot light too.