If you encountered any problem with an electronic gadget you just bought, went to their website and found a so-called solution, applied it and failed and contacted customer support and they told you “sorry we could not update the info on our website”, what impression would that leave on you?

The case is similar for your own business.

If you are too busy to update your website regularly your website will do more harm to your business than good.

Loosing Good Name Instantly

Your business is flourishing and your customers are happy with you.

One of them even mentions your business to his friend/colleague who might be interested in doing business with you.

With smart phones in every pocket and internet available everywhere, clients and potential business partners are likely to Google your business to  check your repute and read reviews by other customers about you and your products and your website etc. Statistics show it’s true.

Now imagine a potential client visiting your website only to find the copyright is 2002 and some event or product you launched 2 years ago.

A huge red flag would go up in their minds.

They might think you have commitment issues or are too lazy to update.

They might even think you’re going out of business.

Outdated Websites


Missing Out New Website Technology

Outdated Websites

Keeping your website up to date is more important and more difficult than you think it is.

It is not just about putting recent events on it, putting new products up or posting updates here and there.

Your website starts being filtered out of web searches if you don’t employ the latest SEO techniques to optimise your website.

Google is very efficient at updating its algorithms and most likely updates them more often than you update your website.

Websites today offer social media integration, video/blog integration and Google Analytics to keep an eye on visitors, user login and user port folios and much more.

Losing Income

If your website is not impressive enough to make the client believe you are a worthy candidate and should be trusted for the product/service they require, they will simply turn away because we are not living in the 17th century.

People have more options available than ever for every kind of product or service.

With a large number of vendors providing the same or better products/services, you have to prove you are better than the others to keep sales up.

Worse, you’ll lose money getting fined

Outdated Websites

Presenting information on your website that might have been true when it was posted but isn’t true today can get you in trouble.

Rules and regulations about websites change as search engines change their algorithms about credibility of websites and black hat SEO.

It is important that you keep updated on the subject and keep updating your website with fresh quality content to avoid any such problems.